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10 DIY Auto Repairs

**Disclaimer** It should go without saying but please do not attempt these DIY projects.

1. DIY Car A/C Repair

aircon placed on a car window

2. DIY Flashlight Headlight

flashlight taped on a car’s headlight

3. DIY Bodywork

tape placed all over the right side of a car

4. DIY Car Exhaust

car muffler supported by a cloth hanger

5. DIY Popcorn Fail

cup of popcorn placed on the car distributor

6. DIY Tire

trolley used as a car tire alternative

7. DIY Best Windshield Wipers 2017

car driver wiping windshield manually

8. DIY Headlight Printout

DIY front Headlight Printout

9. DIY Airbags

DIY plastic airbags

10. DIY Speed Racer

DIY carton body kit on a red car

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