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car Manual Transmission in Denver

Benefits of a Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions have been losing popularity ever since the first automatic transmission was created in 1940. But why are manual transmissions losing sales when they…

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fixing car DIY

DIY Gone Wild

A-Affordable Transmissions Center is back with another set of 10 DIY car fixes that are quite out there. Gotta give them credit for being extremely…

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Clutch Replacement in Denver

5 Clutch Tips for Manual Drivers

There are many benefits to driving a manual transmission vehicle but not knowing how to drive one correctly can result in a costly new clutch.…

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car gas gauge

4 Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

Ignoring Failing Transmission Warning Signs Is your vehicle making strange noises when you shift gears? Notice a dark red stain under your car? These can…

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chart of common engine fluids on ground

What’s That Spot? Auto Fluid Basics

Knowing a little about your vehicle is always a nice idea, we’d recommend you start with the owners manual to learn specific information pertaining to…

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car mechanic under a lifted car for repair

Fastest Roads in The World

Everybody likes to drive a little fast sometimes, right? This week we are going to cover the roads around the world with the highest speed…

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car Automatic Transmission

A Brief History of Automatic Transmissions

  Did you know there was a time when shifting gears manually was your only option? Before 1940, when GM came out with the Hydra-matic…

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10 2017 Manual Transmission Vehicles

As times go on, manual transmission cars becoming harder to come by. Luckily a few auto makers are still producing cars with a clutch. If…

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