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Lakewood, CO Transmission Repair

If you need transmission repair in Lakewood, there is no better option. Here at A-Affordable Transmissions Center, our top priority is the smooth operation of your vehicle’s transmission. We have been Lakewood’s go-to for well over 40 years because we offer unbeatable value and service to our customers.

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Automatic Transmission in Thornton

Email or call our experts at 303-761-3333 – we will be happy to answer your questions. Our transmission repair shop has pricing, customer service and workmanship second to none. A-Affordable Transmissions Center has rebuilt hundreds of transmissions for Lakewood customers over the last 40 years. We are located at 3485 S Zuni St, 80110, near Santa Fe and 285. We provide fast, clean work with honest pricing.

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Automatic and Manual Transmission Repairs and Replacements

We have the expertise to service or replace your transmission, no matter if it is automatic or manual. To ensure that your transmission continues to function smoothly, we offer thorough diagnostics, quick repairs, and scheduled maintenance. Have faith in us to fix your shifting problems, gear sliding, and grinding noises.

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Transmission Rebuild

Is it better to rebuild my transmission? How long will it take to rebuild my transmission? How much will it usually cost to rebuild my transmission versus replacing it? Our knowledgeable team of experts will help you make the right decision and offer you no nonsense advice to find the perfect solution.

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Our Transmission Repair Services

Our transmission repair services at A-Affordable Transmissions Center are second to none. All local and foreign makes and models are safe in the hands of our highly qualified experts. We have the know-how to fix any transmission problem, big or small, ensuring peak performance and reliability for years to come. Since 1979 A-Affordable Transmissions Center has been repairing manual transmissions. We offer car and truck manual transmission repair services. Give us a call for an estimate.

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car clutch

Clutch Replacement

Clutch replacement and repairs are quick, clean and affordable as long as they are done correctly. Our technicians have installed over ten thousand clutches at our clutch installation shops. Likewise, we have the best clutch installation prices in town. It is simply hard to beat us when it comes to quality work at affordable prices. Get the best service today!

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Transfer Case Specialists

Our technicians have rebuilt thousands of transfer cases; all wheel drive and four wheel drive transfer case systems are no problem for us. We understand how your 4×4 transfer case works, and all repairs will be done in house. No challenge is too big or too small for our expert team of professionals.

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Differential Repair

A-Affordable Transmissions Center is your one stop shop for all things front and rear differential. Our Differential Shop rebuilds the differential in your vehicle, and all Diff’s are rebuilt in house by highly skilled technicians.

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Proudly Performing Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services to our Lakewood Customers - Call or email now.

When you visit our repair facility, you can expect:

Different Lakewood transmission rebuild warranties and repair types to fit your need.

An auto transmission inspection including a road test, preliminary testing and electronic scan.

Written Lakewood transmission rebuild estimates are provided, so you can decide what to do.

No work will be done unless you agree and fully understand the process.

Extreme Transparency, no hidden anything.

All work including rebuilt transmissions are done on site at our repair centers.

We don’t just advertise that we are a Lakewood transmission rebuild experts.

We repair and rebuild transmissions for less than our competition.

Transmissions are complex. An automatic transmission repair shop is the right choice, sometimes the best option is not right around the corner. A-Affordable Transmissions Center will do what it takes.

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Experience the A-Affordable Difference

Your visit to our repair shop will be unique and catered to you as an individual.

Wide Range of Options

Different types of repairs and warranties are available for Lakewood transmission rebuilds so that we can meet your needs.

Thorough Inspection

In order to effectively diagnose problems with your vehicle’s transmission, we first do an examination that entails a road test, preliminary testing, and an electronic scan.

Transparent Estimates

We provide detailed, written estimates for rebuilding your transmission in Lakewood, so you can make educated selections.

Your Approval Matters

No action will be taken until you give the go-ahead and fully comprehend what will be done.

Extreme Transparency

Nothing is more important to us than being upfront and honest.

On-Site Workmanship

Our state-of-the-art repair facilities handle anything from minor fixes to complete overhauls, including transmission rebuilds.

Expertise That Delivers

Our years of practical experience have earned us a solid standing as transmission rebuild authorities in Lakewood.


We offer reasonably priced, high-quality transmission rebuilding and repair services.

Why A-Affordable Transmissions Center?

A-Affordable Transmissions Center is one of the most highly respected Lakewood transmission rebuild, repair and transmission servicing centers in all the Denver Metro. We take the time to walk every customer through the repairs process. The initial inspection won’t cost you a cent. We are a real auto transmission repair shop, so you can expect educated answers to your questions and needs. We work on cars, trucks and SUV. All makes and models.

You’ll get a complete checklist of everything that needs to be repaired as well as what it will cost before work begins.

Don’t leave the health and safety of your car up to chance. Call A-Affordable Transmissions Center today for complete Lakewood transmission rebuild & repair.

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Late Model Transmission Repair is our Specialty

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All modern late model cars are now made with computerized transmissions. Of course, nothing is full proof. As sophisticated as these modern transmissions can be, errors can make those gearshifts considerably less smooth. The check engine light is often one of the first telltale signs that your car is having trouble.

You might also notice some strange sounds or vibrations when something goes awry with your vehicle’s transmission. In other situations, your transmission might shift gears in unpredictable ways, resulting in uneven speeds and inconsistencies while driving. Your auto may sound like it’s trying to go 100 miles per hour when it’s only traveling at 50, this is known as a transmission slipping in most cases. Additionally, there might be a few seconds delay when you shift from park to drive.

While some of these problems might seem negligible in the moment, ignoring such issues could make the situation worse, decreasing the life of your transmission over time and increasing the costs to rebuild or repair.

Transmission Problems

Does your auto feel like it is changes gears randomly while driving? Are you experiencing struggling or a lack of acceleration? These may be signs your transmission is slipping and needs to be looked at by a certified technician. Slipping of the transmission may be accompanied by a whining sound. Any of these symptoms may require your transmission be serviced or replaced.

Rough Shifting

Does your car feel like it is shifting gears irregularly, or refusing to shift at all? Rough gear shifting can be a sign that your transmission is failing. You may hear a thud/clunk noise while attempting to shift gears as well. If your vehicle is shifting gears roughly or making odd noises, it may be time to contact a local Lakewood transmission repair specialist.

Transmission Fluid Leaks/Stains

Noticing new fluid stains and/or leaks underneath your auto? The transmission is a closed system that should not leak fluid at all. Transmission fluid is typically pink/red in color but can sometimes appear brown as well. If you notice any new stains underneath your auto (especially a red-ish stain) you should contact our local transmission repair & rebuild services specialists.

Odd Sounds From below

Whining, clunking, and thuds in your transmission can be a sign of a transmission failure. When shifting your vehicle from Park to Drive, you may also hear the engine revving even though it doesn’t appear to get power. Any new noises that your auto is making could be a sign of something and should be taken in for service. Our transmission repair & rebuild shop specialists are trained to notice all the sounds/signs of a transmission problem.

Warning Lights and Warning Sounds

Your auto may show various “warning lights” or may make a sound depending on the issues your vehicle may be experiencing. If you’re auto is slipping, shifting roughly, making odd noises or even has a warning light on, contact the Lakewood transmission repair and rebuild service specialists at A-Affordable Transmissions Center today.

Expert Automatic Transmission Rebuilding and Repair

At A-Affordable Transmissions Center, our technicians are experts in all thing’s automatic transmissions. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose your automatic transmission issues. The automatic transmission is a very complex piece of machinery- many parts of a transmission will need to operate smoothly for transmissions to function correctly.

We have the experience and expertise to repair or rebuild any car or truck automatic transmission. A-Affordable Transmissions Center is very experienced with late model five, six and seven speed automatic transmissions repair and rebuild. We also have a great deal of experience working on old school transmissions. Hydramatic rebuild, Powerglide rebuild, or Turbo Drive rebuild- we have you covered. High performance transmissions repairs & rebuilds are no problem either.

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In business since 1979, you can rest assured we will be here for you if a problem should occur.

WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK. Bring your car or truck to a professional transmission mechanic. Give us a call now for a no hassle, no obligation inspection of your Transmission, Transfer Case, Clutch and Differential rebuilds and repair needs.

When it comes to TRANSMISSION rebuilding, repairing and maintenance in the Denver region, no one does it better than us.

Personalized Attention

We help each customer through the repair procedure by responding to their questions with accurate information.

Complimentary Inspection

You can rest easy knowing the state of your car thanks to our initial check.

Comprehensive Checklist

Before beginning any service, we present a comprehensive checklist of all required repairs and their accompanying expenses.

Wide Expertise

We offer complete services for every make or model of automobile, truck, or SUV.

Dependable Late-Model Repairs

We specialise on newer vehicles with automatic transmission. We fix the problems that prevent seamless shifting.

Safety First

When transmission problems are ignored, they often worsen and become more expensive to fix. Fixing issues as soon as possible extends the life of the  transmission.

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Experience the A-Affordable Difference

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these issues, it's time to consult our experts:

Transmission Slipping

Does your car have erratic acceleration or gear changes?

Rough Shifting

Is there a thudding or clunking sound when you shift gears?

Fluid Leaks/Stains

Is there evidence of transmission trouble, such as new fluid stains or leaks, under your car?

Odd Sounds

Transmission problem could be indicated by noises like whining, clunking or thudding.

Warning Lights/Sounds

Possible transmission issues may be flagged by a variety of warning signals.

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Katelyn Scoma

These guys are SO great. Great job and a great price! My family and I (and even friends that I referred) drive an hour to come to them. They do great work and have excellent customer care! Even when it was closing time they were so kind and helpful, making sure I understood and was satisfied with everything, instead of just rushing me out the door. 100% recommend them!

Gay Vierra

If you have any transmission work needed you HAVE to bring it to A-Affordable Transmissions Center! Dave is the best!! He has worked on two of my cars and even diagnosed a non-transmission related problem!! He is one of the most reputable business owners I have worked with in a long time!! Choose A-Affordable and you won’t regret it!!

Seth Hughes

Hello, had the transmission in my 66 Ford Fairlane rebuilt in October 2021. Nearly 2 years later still working great no leaks shifts just as nice as it did when I picked it up. Great customer service after the rebuild would totally recommend.


Take your car here. If you have any transmission issues this is the absolute best transmission shop you will find in Denver. My cars transmission lost reverse gear, and had a slew of other issues going on internally that I didn’t even know about, requiring a complete transmission rebuild. Devin was absolutely phenomenal, and let me know everything that was happening during the entire service. These guys absolutely stand by their word, and work. The diagnostic is only $90. With 250k miles, I have a rebuilt engine with 50k miles on it, and now a new, rebuilt transmission. Flawless. Another 4×4 lives another day. Drives smoother than ever. Thank you guys!

Cody Dent

Brought my 08 pontiac grand prix for a rebuild of the transmission, car was done within two days of dropping it off and the price quoted was correct and affordable (for a transmission rebuild) the shop is very professional and knowledgeable also friendly and don’t make you feel dumb or belittle you for asking questions. Also check back in with you on their work a week or two later. Would definitely return to these guys for any transmission work I’ll need on any of my vehicles and will always recommend them to friends, family and anyone needing work done. Thank you guys!!

Eleanore Thayer

I can not rave enough about thus place. Randy and his team are fast, friendly, and KNOW what they are doing! I had my clutch replaced here after being less than happy with another company doing it twice and blowing it both times in two years… This team is transparent and care about the quality of their work. If you need transmission work or your clutch replaced, this is your company. They made my Subaru ready for the road and I couldn’t be happier! 10/10 tldr: use this company and you will be a happy camper

Frequently Asked Questions about A-Affordable Transmissions Center

How can I get in touch with A-Affordable Transmissions Center in Lakewood for transmission repair?

You can reach us at 303-761-3333 or stop by 3485 S Zuni St to speak with a representative in person.

In comparison to other transmission repair businesses, what sets A-Affordable Transmissions Center apart?

We are Lakewood’s go-to transmission repair shop because of our decades in the business, upfront pricing, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Do you provide transmission repair estimates?

Absolutely, we offer a road test and electronic scan of your vehicle’s transmission, as well as a written quote for any necessary repairs.

Is any work being done without my knowledge or consent?

No, we value honesty above everything else, so we won’t start fixing anything until you’re comfortable with the plan.

Can I ask if you service any vehicles?

Yes, we fix and rebuild transmissions for domestic and foreign automobiles, trucks, and SUVs of all makes and models.

How long does it usually take to fix a transmission?

Transmission repairs can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the problem and the car in question. Once we’ve evaluated your car, we’ll give you an accurate estimate of when we can get it back to you.

To what extent may I rely on your diagnoses?

We use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, and our expert mechanics have years of experience pinpointing transmission issues.

How long do your transmission repairs and rebuilds last?

Yes, we guarantee the quality of our transmission rebuilding and repair services. The specifics of the warranty may change depending on the service that was rendered.

Do you fix transmissions on newer vehicles?

To guarantee effortless gear changes and top efficiency, we are experts at fixing problems with today’s computerised transmissions.

Can untreated transmission issues cause further problems?

Yes, putting off fixing a transmission problem might cause more serious issues and higher repair expenditures down the road. Immediate care is required to stop any additional injury.

When looking for a transmission repair shop in Lakewood, why should I go with A-Affordable Transmissions Center?

When you require transmission repair in Lakewood, you can trust us because of our considerable experience, dedication to quality, upfront pricing, and individualised customer care.

Professional Rebuilding and Maintenance of Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions are our forte here at A-Affordable Transmissions Center. In order to diagnose problems quickly and effectively, our specialists use cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Our experience allows us to properly repair and rebuild automatic transmissions of all ages and types, including the latest models with five, six, and seven gears as well as those with less gears. We have the expertise to meet a wide range of requirements, from modern high-performance transmissions to more conventional options. Since 1979, we’ve been serving satisfied customers with unwavering reliability and the assurance of never-ending attention to quality and improvement.

Don’t risk your car’s well-being by ignoring maintenance. If you’re looking for trustworthy transmission rebuild and repair in Lakewood, A-Affordable Transmissions Center is the place to go.

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Expert replacement, repair and installation services on all makes and models.

South Denver Metro Pro Since 1979. We proudly serve South Denver and these South Suburbs…

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