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A-affordable Transmissions Center Customer Reviews

Welcome to the A-Affordable Transmissions Center Customer Reviews. We have been providing the Denver Metro with customer service, workmanship and pricing second to none since 1979.

We take pride in our work and our customer reviews show it. If you experience transmission problems don’t hesitate to Contact us the transmission service pro’s at A-Affordable Transmissions Center today! Both of our locations have in house rebuilding teams ready to get the job done.

Jacob Romero

Devin is an absolute professional. You can tell that these guys are serious about what they are doing, and offer an exceptional price for the outstanding service they provide. I had all my questions answered, and my car runs great now!

Deriruh Vsqz

Randy and his crew are amazing. After 5 shops and mechanics wrongfully diagnosing my car “fixing it” and it still making the same clunking noise I decided to give this shop a shot. They fixed my issue promptly and my car is running like it’s brand new again. I’ll never trust anyone else with my Subaru other then Randy and his team.

Seth Hughes

Hello, had the transmission in my 66 Ford Fairlane rebuilt in October 2021. Nearly 2 years later still working great no leaks shifts just as nice as it did when I picked it up. Great customer service after the rebuild would totally recommend.


Take your car here. If you have any transmission, or gearbox issues this is the absolute best transmission shop you will find in Denver. My cars transmission lost reverse gear, and had a slew of other issues going on internally that I didn’t even know about, requiring a complete transmission rebuild. Devin was absolutely phenomenal, and let me know everything that was happening during the entire service. These guys absolutely stand by their word, and work. The diagnostic is only $90. With 250k miles, I have a rebuilt engine with 50k miles on it, and now a new, rebuilt transmission. Flawless. Another 4×4 lives another day. Drives smoother than ever. Thank you guys!

Cody Dent

Brought my 08 pontiac grand prix for a rebuild of the transmission, car was done within two days of dropping it off and the price quoted was correct and affordable (for a transmission rebuild) the shop is very professional and knowledgeable also friendly and don’t make you feel dumb or belittle you for asking questions. Also check back in with you on their work a week or two later. Would definitely return to these guys for any transmission work I’ll need on any of my vehicles and will always recommend them to friends, family and anyone needing work done. Thank you guys!!

Eleanore Thayer

I can not rave enough about thus place. Randy and his team are fast, friendly, and KNOW what they are doing! I had my clutch replaced here after being less than happy with another company doing it twice and blowing it both times in two years… This team is transparent and care about the quality of their work. If you need transmission work or your clutch replaced, this is your company. They made my Subaru ready for the road and I couldn’t be happier! 10/10 tldr: use this company and you will be a happy camper


My sons car unfortunately needed some work done on the transmission. I was getting a lot of quotes all over Littleton that were a bit absurd without even looking at the car. I finally contacted the Sheridan location of A-Affordable Transmissions and was told to bring it in, they’d have a look at it for free.

The team diagnosed the problem quickly, gave me great options for repairs and the pricing was substantially better than anywhere else in the area. I authorized the work and we had the car back in 3 days. Runs like a dream.


I have a tough vehicle to work on. It’s 45 years old and parts are needed from multiple suppliers, niche setups of the restoration to work around, etc. The guys at the shop were great to work with and moved as swiftly as possible. Delays are natural with sourcing the parts and I do not fault them for the time to deliver – once they have everything in front of them I felt like my car was their highest priority.

I had to bring it back after the first service and the experience that the shop has made it easy for them to come up with an accurate diagnosis.


I don’t write reviews as often as I should, but the excellent service I received from Randy and his team in Englewood deserves top credit. They rebuilt my truck transmission in two days and got me back to work earlier than I expected. First class and professional service. I highly recommend!


Randy was amazing to work with! He called me with updates almost everyday they had my truck. Took it in for transmission issues on Tuesday had it back Friday morning! They were super nice and very easy to work with! I’ll recommend them out to anyone.


I’ve been struggling trying to get my transmission working solidly for over a year taking it to Autonation over paying and waiting months at some points for my vehicle I came to this place and was not dissatisfied at one point during the whole process. He gave me a fair diag. and when the fix turned out to be less of a leak than he originally thought he adjusted the price as so. You can’t put a price on good timely work but Randy does it cheaper. Thank you all


Randy, Ben, and the whole team here at Affordable Transmission are they best at what they do. Hands down. Brought my 370z to these guys, and they took care of me from start to finish. Customer service is is excellent, they explained to me what was going on, resolved my transmission issue, and saved me literally over $3000. And I’m really not kidding, they saved this car for me. I will ALWAYS recommend this shop for any future transmission needs. Their friendliness’s and dedication to serving their customers deserve all the recognition and more. Keep up the great work, as you guys always do.


Very happy with my experience, would recommend and use this shop again.

I bought an older AWD GMC Sierra with a driveline binding issue. Other shops were quoting me thousands to rip out the transfer case and install a remanufactured one. The A team were able to diagnose the core issue and rebuild the T case with hard to find parts for less money. I’ve now driven the truck for months and hundreds of miles with no more issues.


I can’t speak highly enough about the ethics and professionalism I experienced dealing with this establishment.

Randy not only went above and beyond to get the parts required to fix our Subaru (i.e. A trip to Northern Colorado) but he also spent some time explaining to my son what he should be looking for when a clutch is getting ready to go out.
In regards to the final bill it was substantially less than what I had been quoted at other transmission shops.

Once again, thank you for your professionalism!


I honestly can’t say enough good things about this shop and their staff. I was told I had a transmission issue and it turned out it wasn’t, thank God, but in a way I’m glad the original shop thought it was a transmission because that’s why I brought my car here. Ben had a ton of experience with my vehicle and got me back on the road quickly and with way less money out than I was thinking it would be. I will be forever bringing my car here for all things and hopefully never actually the transmission, lol!

Warning Signs of a Failed Transmission

All modern cars are now made with computerized transmissions. Of course, nothing is full proof. As sophisticated as these modern transmissions can be, errors can make those gearshifts considerably less smooth. The check engine light is often one of the first telltale signs that your car is having trouble.
You might also notice some strange sounds or vibrations when something goes awry with your vehicle’s transmission. In other situations, your transmission might shift gears in unpredictable ways, resulting in uneven speeds and inconsistencies while driving. Your car may sound like it’s trying to go 100 miles per hour when it’s only traveling at 50, this is known as a transmission slipping in most cases. Additionally, there might be a few seconds delay when you shift from park to drive.
While some of these problems might seem negligible in the moment, ignoring such issues could make the situation worse, decreasing the life of your transmission over time and increasing the costs to repair.

Transmission Slipping

Does your vehicle feel like it is changes gears randomly while driving? Are you experiencing struggling or a lack of acceleration? These may be signs your transmission is slipping and needs to be looked at by a certified technician. Slipping of the transmission may be accompanied by a whining sound. Any of these symptoms may require your transmission be serviced.

Rough Gear Shifting

Does your car feel like it is refusing to shift gears or is just doing so un-smoothly? Rough gear shifting can be a sign that your transmission is failing. You may hear a thud/clunk noise while attempting to shift gears as well. If your vehicle is shifting gears roughly or making odd noises, it may be time to contact a local Denver transmission repair specialist.

Fluid Leaks/Stains

Noticing new fluid stains and/or leaks underneath your vehicle? The transmission is a closed system that should not leak fluid at all. Transmission fluid is typically pink/red in color but can sometimes appear brown as well. If you notice any new stains underneath your vehicle, especially a red-ish stain you should contact our local transmission services specialists.

Odd Transmission Sounds

Whining, clunking, thuds, all these noises can be a sign your transmission is failing in your vehicle. When shifting your vehicle from Park to Drive, you may also hear the engine revving yet it doesn’t appear to get power. Any new noises that your vehicle is making could be a sign of something serious like transmission failure. Our transmission repair specialists are trained to notice all the sounds/signs of a transmission problem.

Transmission Warning Light

Your vehicle may show various “warning lights” depending on specific issues your vehicle may be experiencing. Typically, other symptoms will be present. If your vehicle is slipping, shifting roughly, making odd noises or even has a warning light on, contact the transmission service specialists at A-Affordable Transmissions Center today.


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