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Benefits of a Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions have been losing popularity ever since the first automatic transmission was created in 1940. But why are manual transmissions losing sales when they have multiple advantages over an automatic transmission? A steep learning curve. Customers want a product they can use right away, not something they have to learn.

But even with the steep learning curve, manual transmissions have some pretty amazing benefits. Manual transmissions can be dramatically cheaper in price as compared to an automatic transmission, this can come in handy when replacing or reparing a transmission. With less moving parts, manual transmissions require less maitenence in the long run than their automatic counterparts. Repairs can eventually add up on an automatic transmission. The most required repair on a manual transmission is clutch replacement which is typically a fraction of automatic transmission costs.

For those that absolutely love to drive, control can be another huge benefit for a manual transmission. Knowing the performance of your vehicle is in your hands can be quite exciting. While on the topic of performance, manual transmissions typically have less power loss, less weight and more acceleration.
With the steep learning curve, a manual transmission could possibly double as a form of auto theft protection since most Americans no longer know how to drive stick.

If you have anymore questions regarding the benefits of a manual transmission or any other transmission repair service related questions, give the experts at A-Affordable Transmissions Center a call today! We look forward to helping you.

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