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5 Clutch Tips for Manual Drivers

Ford Mustang Manual speed shifterThere are many benefits to driving a manual transmission vehicle but not knowing how to drive one correctly can result in a costly new clutch. Depending on how you drive and take care of your clutch can depend on whether you need a new clutch every 10,000 miles or every 150,000 miles. Due to constant friction your clutch will eventually have to be replaced but here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your clutch.

1. Do NOT ride your clutch

Your clutch pedal should either be completely depressed or fully raised. Riding the clutch will result in extra friction and wear-and-tear on your clutch.

2. Use handbrake when parked

Instead of leaving your vehicle in gear when parked, put your car in neutral and utilize your handbrake. This can reduce the pressure put on your clutch disc, ultimately resulting in less wear-and-tear on your clutch.

3. Shift quickly

The longer your keep your clutch pedal depressed the more friction and pressure is placed on it. New drivers often shift quite slowly which can result in clutch damage. Although it only takes a couple of seconds to shift this adds up over each trip.

4. Accelerate cautiously

You don’t need to accelerate like you are escaping from a murderer, this can cause the clutch to slip. Keep your RPMs low as you accelerate from your stop.

5. Be Decisive

Pay attention to the road ahead of you, unnecessary gear shifting can add extra wear-and-tear to your clutch. Downshifting can put extra strain on your clutch, avoiding this will put extra strain on your brake pads but these are much cheaper to replace!

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