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4 Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

Ignoring Failing Transmission Warning Signs

Is your vehicle making strange noises when you shift gears? Notice a dark red stain under your car? These can be signs of a transmission problem that needs to be addressed. Other signs include shaking, grinding, stalling and slipping. Transmission damage may be unavoidable if you are experiencing any of these issues but your main priority should be getting it in to get looked at. Our transmission technicians at A-Affordable Transmissions Center are always happy to help!

infographic of different colors of transmission fluids Wrong Transmission Fluid

While running on low or no transmission fluid can be disastrous, using the incorrect type of transmission fluid for your transmission can also result in catastrophe. Certain transmissions require different kinds of fluid to ensure proper pressure, cooling and lubricating. Different kinds of transmission fluids have various additives and different viscosity levels. Make sure your vehicle is getting the correct kind of transmission fluid whether you do it yourself or take your car to get serviced.

Low Transmission Fluid

We’ve covered using the wrong type of transmission fluid but what about running your car on low levels of tranny fluid? Transmission fluid is necessary for optimal temperature, pressure and lubrication. When your vehicle is low on transmission fluid that can put the transmission into overtime. Prevention for low transmission fluid includes frequently checking fluid levels AND color. If fluids are low when checking you most likely have a leak that needs immediate repair. The technicians at A-Affordable Transmissions Center are always ready to assist.

Overheating Transmission

An overheated transmission can be bad news so avoiding it is the best option. Things that can contribute to a transmission overheating include low, dirty or burnt transmission fluid, transmission slipping, heavy tows, stop and go traffic, etc. One great way to avoid transmission overheating is to connect a temperature gauge for your transmission, this allows you to see the temperature of your transmission while driving.

We typically take ourselves for a checkup one to twice a year and your vehicle should be no different. It is important to assess the quality and level of your transmission fluid, doing so can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. Avoiding it long enough can actually result in a failed transmission. Experts suggest getting your transmission looked at every 2-5 years depending on how often you drive, how you drive and where you drive. We recommend checking your transmission fluid and looking for warning signs every month.

Don’t neglect your transmission into costly repairs, follow these simple guidelines and be sure to contact A-Affordable Transmissions Center for any and all of your transmission repair needs.

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